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我是主人,我怕谁 ?!

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周末和儿子一起看电视,电视里刚好在播放,关于最近美国多起"弱女子"打破多年的沉默,开始站出来向曾对自己性侵的业界男性大腕要“说法”的新闻专题。儿子突然对我说,"妈妈,我在学校课间活动的时候,有个其他班的小孩对我说:‘China boy, go back to your China!’ (中国小孩回中国去)”

"啊!啥时候?谁说的?你反击没有?" "TNND" 我内心独白。

他告诉我,在课间休息时,他和班里的同学玩游戏,这个小孩儿跑来,先踢走他们游戏的球。当时和儿子一起游戏的几个小孩,向老师报告了情况后,继续游戏。就在回教室上课前,小男孩突然冲着儿子说,“China boy, go back to your China! (中国小孩回中国去)”上课时间到了,乐乐就回教室了。






不过随着华裔的整体实力在美国社会的逐步提高,华裔开始在整个美国社会各领域有不俗表现,华裔参政议政的意识也越来越强,特别是在美华裔的第二,三代之中,从政人数的明显增加,中国经济的崛起使华裔信心增强,华裔在美国社会希望被认可和获得尊重的意愿日益强烈, 所以越来越多的华人在遭遇不公平对待时,敢于站出来击鼓鸣冤。


以下,就将我和其他两位家长向学校反映孩子在学校被歧视的情况邮件分享给大家。提供给有需要的家长。 在需要的时候可以借鉴。当然,我真心希望大家永远也不需要以此参考。

Dear (name of school Principle)

Good morning! I would like to bring to your attention an incident last Friday that XXX, who is a Mason intermediate 5th Grade student, made very serious racist comments against my son O.

Last Friday, December 15th, XXX shouted at O:" China Boy, go back to China " for no reasons, when O played four squares game with his classmates at recess time.

O was born in Good Samaritan hospital in Cincinnati. He has lived in Mason since he was born. He is an American! Mason is his home. XXX behavior has seriously insulted O, myself and all Chinese Americans. It is seriously bully behavior and against the fundamental principles of the U.S. Constitution. Such kind of comments should be treated with zero tolerance by schools in this country.

I understand that he is still a kid, but he must have learned about such terrible behavior somewhere. I would greatly appreciate if you can  talk with him and his parents and tell them such behaviors and comments will not be tolerated in the future. He should apologize to O and stop making such kinds of racist comments against my son in the future; otherwise, I will take legal actions immediately.

We will go back to visit our families, relatives and friends who live in China, but its none of XXX business.

O was much hurt by him. He is a very kind and great-hearted boy, which is well known in our community. I am very glad he told me about it. He usually doesnt like to complain about some incident as he thinks he would be a tattletale. I urge XXX would never ever say such things to any other person again. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help as well.

Thank you so much for your attention. I hope you have a great holidays!










以下另一位家长提供的维权信息:“分享一个我7岁小儿子的亲身经历。我们要认识到种族主义绝对不止来自白人,也来自别的族裔。最近,我儿子被4个印度人用歧视性的语言和行为对待。我想可能与中印的冲突相关。这四个印度小孩不仅嘲笑我们孩子,说”China is stupid“(中国人是傻瓜)并且两只手往上拉眼角,暗示中国人都是斜眼。以下是给校长的信。”


Good afternoon. I would like to bring to your attention an incident yesterday that demonstrates four kids' inappropriate remarks and behaviors.

Yesterday at the extended care, NAME ( spelling may be wrong), NAME (spelling may be wrong) and two of their friends laughed at J.(my son's name)by saying "China is stupid" and by pulling their eyes up using their fingers. If it were done by an adult, I would say this behavior is very racist because obviously they meant to say that all Chinese have slant eyes. We know this is not true. Any person with a little knowledge about Chinese people would not make such a distasteful joke.

I also feel uncomfortable that they laughed at China in order to offend J. J was born in Philadelphia and he is as American as any other kids. While he is Chinese in terms of ethnicity and we has relatives in China, why does J. have to shoulder the burden of China?  It is ok if they or their parents do not like China, but they cannot make fun of China in order to make J. unhappy. They should not make racist remarks or perform racism either.

I understand that they are still kids, but they must have learned about such behaviors and remarks somewhere. I would greatly appreciate if you can talk with these kids and their parents and tell them such behaviors and remarks will not be tolerated in the future. They should apologize to J. and change their behaviors to the better in the future.

J. was much hurt by their remarks and behaviors. I hope they would never do such things or say such things again. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help as well.

Thank you so much for your attention. I hope you have a great weekend.

Best regards,




Dear XXX (School Principal)

He came home and told us a girl in the 4th grade music ensemble called him "Chinaboy" today. He does not know the girl by name. But he will be able to tell you who she is in person. And there was another girl who witnessed this and said "This is racist!"

XXX also said, in class, John from his class has also called him "chicken nugget head and Chinaboy" three times so far.

He is very upset about these comments he received in school. He could not calm down without feeling angry and insulted. We are also shocked and cannot believe that this type of racist language/behavior still exists in school, especially in schools in Mason where Chinese Americans, among many other minority and non-minority groups, work hard to be contributing members of the community and are proud to call it home because we believe this is a community that embraces and celebrates diversity.  We understand that teachers may have not heard these comments when they were made to XXX.  We request the students who made these racist comments formally apologize to XXX and deeply reflect on why their comments and behaviors were totally unacceptable. These comments and behaviors should have no places in schools. We are very concerned about what procedures are in place to prevent these racist comments and race-based bullying and what further actions that the school needs to take to truly promote respect, understanding, and appreciation of different races, ethnicities, and cultures among the students. We can be reached at (phone #).


Parent‘s NAME

后记:在写这篇文章的过程中,我不禁想到,说到歧视,华人歧视白人以外的美国其他少数族裔和弱势群体的现象,真是有过之而无不及。仅仅在我们的微信圈,"穆黑莫、蠢老黑、傻老墨",这样带有明显歧视符号的语言,被用得肆无忌惮,朗朗上口。对这些和我们同属一个战壕里的战友,大摇大摆,直言不讳的歧视让人汗颜!。完全忘记了我们曾有的祖训:"己所不欲 勿施于人。"

我们是否该好好检讨一下,在抱怨和歧视作斗争的同时,我们自己是不是首先应该放下自己心里的歧视?也许能走出国门,来美留学的“过江龙”确有过人之处, 可是这难道就是可以看不起或歧视其他人的理由吗?更何况,“我们是真的高人一等吗?”










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